Say No To Nutella, It Is Poisoning You And Your Children

Love Nutella? I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, folks!

I know how incredibly, deliciously, insanely enticing Nutella can be.  I know that Nutella has quickly become a staple in the American household in the last 2 years.  I wish I could tell you YES! Buy a year’s supply! Use it in those homemade cookies of yours! Eat it every day. — but I can’t.


Here’s Why You Should Never Eat It Again And Opt For A Healthier Alternative Recipe Instead

Nutella can seem like a healthy food on the outside.  I mean, the ingredients seem simple enough — milk, nuts, sugar.  Harmless, right?  Even the commercials advertise Nutella as part of a “healthy, nutritious breakfast”.

Mom in the commercial says, “My kids love the taste, and I feel good that they’re ready to tackle the day.”

Not so commercial Mom, not so.

Nutella definitely is NOT part of a healthy breakfast.  Or a healthy anything.

The Dangers of Nutella:

SUGAR – There are 21 grams of sugar in 2 TBS of Nutella.  That’s as much as a Kit Kat!  That’s as much as 12 pieces of Tootsie Rolls!  And on top of that, it’s not even real sugar.  It’s GMO beet sugar also known as “really cheap so us corporations can make a big profit, also full of pesticides and DNA-altered so your body doesn’t recognize it is SUGAR.  This kind of sugar is a NEUROTOXIN.   Neurotoxins are toxins that have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. They cause cell death in the brain and exacerbate a myriad of issues namely ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, depression, anxiety, migraines, etc.

SOY LETHICIN – SOY ISN’T YOUR FRIEND!  Soy is known to cause thyroid depression, weight gain, malaise, constipation, delayed menstruation, and ultimately, breast cancer.  Soy stimulates existing cancer growth, accelerates the onset of puberty, lowers your testosterone, and decreases fertility.  Some people argue that soy is consumed by Asian cultures often so it must be good for us.  The truth is that Asian cultures actually only eat small amounts of fermented, organic soy as a gravy and not NEARLY in the AMOUNT it is packaged and fed to Americans today.  Also, the soy grown here is almost always GMO soy.

PALM OIL – Palm oil, in fact, is a very healthy saturated fat, and a great addition to one’s diet.  BUT, with the demand of palm oil has emerged the downside of HOW it is being obtained. three Nigerian biochemistry researchers extol some of the nutrients found in fresh palm oil but point out that the oil in an oxidized state can threaten physiological and biochemical functions of the body. They acknowledge that manufacturers of processed foods oxidize palm oil in their products for a variety of culinary purposes, meaning that much of the palm oil consumers eat is in an oxidized state. The dangers of oxidized palm oil include organ toxicity of the heart, kidney, liver, and lungs, as well as reproductive toxicity, the researchers claim.

Deforestation and orangutan extinction is another reason why you must make sure that the palm oil you purchase comes from sustainable sources.

Indonesia has achieved its goal of becoming one of the two largest palm-oil producers and exporters in the world. But at what cost?
At least half of the world’s wild orangutans have disappeared in the last 20 years; biologically viable populations of orangutans have been radically reduced in size and number, and 80 percent of the orangutan habitat has either been depopulated or totally destroyed.

VANILLIN – “No artificial colors or preservatives” the commercial states.  “Oh, but we conveniently forgot to mention there is an artificial flavor. No big thing Actually, it’s a BIG THING Mr. Nutella man.  Vanillin is an artificial flavoring, meant to “trick” your brain into thinking that you are tasting real vanilla.  But you’re not.  Your brain is confused, vanillin wins the battle, and kicks you while you’re down by crossing the blood-brain barrier as a neurotoxin and taking out a couple of brain cells while he’s there.  Also, Vanillin is EXTREMELY addicting.  It bonds with receptors in your brain, causing a release of serotonin, or the “feel good” hormones.

SKIM MILK –  When you hear ‘skim milk’ you probably picture a beautiful milk maid setting fresh milk on the counter in a stainless steel pail and every so gently, removing the cream.  You are not even close!  In the skim milk in Nutella you’ve got some pus-filled milk from sick cows being fed hormones and GMOs and antibiotics and candy and who knows what, then the milk is highly pasteurized, then forced through a homogenizer, then fortified with some synthetic stuff so you feel good about getting some vitamins that your body can’t utilize anyway, then since the milk looks and tastes like water, they’ll add some powdered milk, which is chock full of oxidized cholesterol, one of the most dangerous forms of cholesterol out there. This milk maid needs a nap.

Hey commercial mom, are you still feeling good about how Nutella makes your kids ready to “tackle the day.”?

So, make the choice to say NO to Nutella for your family!  And trust me, your family will be better off without it!

Since, I, myself am a CHOCOHOLIC, I’m not leaving you without a good, quick, HOMEMADE Nutella recipe:

Three ingredients, two minutes, and zero appliances!

Quick Homemade Nutella

All ingredients are approximations, adjust sweetener and cocoa powder to taste. This recipe works with almond butter too.

  • 1/2 cup *hazelnut butter (or almond butter)
  • 1-2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1-2 tablespoons raw honey or maple syrup
  1. Place hazelnut butter in a shallow bowl.
  2. Add cocoa powder and mix it into the nut butter with a fork.
  3. Mix in honey or maple syrup. Taste and adjust seasonings. If you need to thin the mixture, add hazelnut oil, walnut oil, or coconut oil (warmed to liquid consistency).

*To make your own hazelnut butter, toast hazelnuts on a cookie sheet in a 400 degrees oven for about 10 minutes. Remove as much of the nut skins as possible in a damp towel, add to a food processor and process into a paste.

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