Scientist Reveals The Most Powerful Cancer Killer – Jackfruit

To many people this would sound strange but, believe it or not the jackfruit is starting to become more popular among vegans thanks to its versatility and vitamin content that recent studies show can cure cancer and provide numerous other health benefits as well.


The Health Benefits of Jackfruit

First off this amazing fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C, B6, A, iron, fiber, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Only one cup of jackfruit juice a day is enough to replace your daily recommended dosage of vitamin B complex, and all of the essential minerals mentioned above.

It was concluded back in 2013 by The National Cancer Institute (NCI) that the number of people who developed colorectal cancer in one year was around 1.16 million. This cancer falls under the category of complicated cancers because they are hard to treat and often cause other health issues as well.

However there is no need to worry since nature has provided us with a way to prevent and fight colon cancer. And the way to fight it is with the consumption of jackfruit!

Colon Cancer Prevention

The health benefits of the jackfruit are so efficient thanks to the compounds found in it such as phytonutrients, saponins, isoflavones and lignans and their anti-cancer benefits that prevent the formation of free radicals and tumors in the body.


Phytonutrients are essential in order to prevent the initial formation of the cancer cells. If you are already dealing with stomach ulcers, jackfruit will do wonders for you when it comes to improving, fighting and preventing the condition from appearing again. The amazing thing is that there are more than 10,000 types of phytonutrients that have their own specific health benefit for the body. For now, only 3 types of phytonutrients have been researched and are known to prevent cancer.


Saponins are also strong anti-cancer agents according to a study published in 1995 in the Journal of Nutrition, saponins have been shown to have many properties that prevent colon cancer.

These phytonutrients are also capable of inducing mitotic arrest to leukemia cells. In case of cancer however they work by binding with the cancer cells and therefore preventing them to grow.

Isoflavones and Lignans

Both of these nutrients are phytoestrogens, which means that they are capable of binding to the receptors just like estrogens do. However these phytonutrients are also capable of reducing any risk of endometrial cancer. A study done back in 2006 including 500 women randomly chosen, has shown that the group of women that took the most amount of lignans and isoflavones from jackfruit had the lowest cancer rates when compared to the other groups.

Protection of the Cellular DNA

Just like we mentioned above, jackfruit is packed with antioxidants that keep your cellular DNA protected from any sort of direct damage from free radicals as well as mutations.

But the anti-cancer properties don’t stop there!

Aside from the antioxidants, the amount of fiber this fruit contains is huge. This is what makes the jackfruit such an amazing colon cleanser that removes and flushes toxins out of your digestive tract and therefore lowering the colon cancer risk.

It Strengthens the Immune System

Aside from the anti-cancer properties, there are still tons of essential minerals and vitamins that boost the immune system in every way and improve digestion. I mean, no further information is required right?

The Nutritional Value of Jackfruit

So in conclusion, if you want to significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer and improve your health in numerous ways, it is recommended that you include this amazing fruit in your diet.

When it comes to the nutritional value, a cup of jackfruit juice contains 155 calories and just 4 calories are fat calories. Aside from that it also contains an extremely low amount of cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats.

And it contains some extremely healthy essentials such as niacin, vitamin A and C, folate riboflavin and thiamine but also iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus and even simple sugars which work wonders for your health.

As we mentioned above only 1 cup of jackfruit will provide your body with 11% of the daily fiber allowance so don’t stop at one cup!

Fact: Jackfruit has been used for many years in the Chinese medicine for eliminating and reducing the effects of alcohol, which is one more reason to consume it.


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