She Mixed Dish Soap And Baking Powder – When You See What She Did You’ll Do The Same

On our list of timeless summer traditions that never go out of style: sidewalk chalk art, jump rope, and blowing bubbles.

This summer entertain your kids and teach them about the science of bubbles. We found a great bubble recipe, which uses ordinary household items that you likely already have on-hand.


What You Will Need:

12 cups of water
1 cup dish soap
1 cup cornstarch
2 tbsp baking powder
1-2 wire coat hangers and a frying pan
1 6 pack plastic ring
Paper towel tube

How To Do It:

In a clean bucket or dishpan, mix together ingredients in order. Keep a ladle or scoop in the bucket and stir occasionally making sure not to cause too much foam.

Remove the excess foam as it appears. When the bucket is half empty add another cup of water.

No bubble wands handy? You can use a paper towel tube, plastic rings from a 6 pack and even those old wire hangers!

Bend the coat hanger into the shape of a loop and dip into the frying pan letting the excess drip off before waving it through the air.

Bubble Tips:

We found that Joy and Dawn dish soap brands work the best. You can also use tear free baby shampoo if you have little ones around.

While this bubble recipe is designed and tested to work in any weather, humidity really does matter. Warm and humid days will produce the best bubbles around.

If you have a windy day, try blowing your bubbles downwind letting mother nature do the work for you!

Make your bubble solution a couple of days beforehand and keep the extra. A solution that has marinated for a while produces the biggest bubbles of all.

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