She Put Cabbage Leaves On Her Knee At Night – See The Next Morning Result

Cabbage has a lot of health benefits despite the fact that for some people has been used as a source of natural gas. It is extending to all varieties of its leafy veggie. Many studies have shown that cabbage can reduce the risk of developing assortment ailments starting from diabetes to heart disease. Cabbage can do wonders with its preventative uses which also include practical applications for minor wounds and digestion.


Pain Relief

Cabbage leaves are used to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. A study in the University of Missouri found a connection between apigenin, found in cabbage with anti-inflammatory properties. You can make a compress from cabbage leaves for minor sources of pain. Here’s the recipe:

• Wash and dry well a few cabbage leaves.
• When dried, apply the leaves into the affected or painful area.
• Put a bandage or an adhesive plaster to secure the place.
• Leave the cabbage leaves on the spot for the night to act.
• Repeat this with changed compress on a daily basis.

Note:You can use any type of cabbage leaves, yet the red ones are more effective.

Reducing Heart Disease Risk

A water-soluble pigment found in red cabbage, called Anthocyanin, can reduce inflammation. Cabbage contains elevated polyphenol levels which are also associated with reducing blood pressure and maintaining heart health. Here’s the remedy for preventing heart disease:

• Keep the cabbage raw as much as possible in order to preserve nutrients.
• Use cabbage in salads instead of lettuce.
•Take 2 tbsp of cooked cabbage every day
•Drink 1 glass of cabbage juice per day

Cabbage also plays a role in digestive health in a fermented form as sauerkraut and kimchi. Since it contains probiotics it increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals. The enzymes found in fermented foods help to push things along within the digestive tract. Follow the instructions for digestion and stomach issues:

• Consume it in a raw form, alone or in favorite form in order to reduce constipation.
• Take it as a cabbage juice concentrate in capsule form to cure stomach ulcers.
• Consume it as cabbage juice between meals to counter diarrhea.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Cabbage can naturally slow the absorption of sugar either for people susceptible to developing diabetes or for those already living with type 1 diabetes. Cabbage has a high fiber content which also helps in absorbing excess glucose. For diabetes management, consider:

• Taking cabbage as a side dish at least three times a day.
• Drinking cabbage juice at least twice a day
• Having cabbage in boiled form, and if you want you can add some lemon.

Facilitating Wound Healing

One of the unique attributes of cabbage is its ability to facilitate wound healing. For the purpose of wound healing, cabbage is prepared as follows:

With its ability to facilitate wound healing cabbage is one of the most unique healthy ingredients. Prepare cabbage as follows for the purpose of wound healing:

• Wash and dry a green cabbage leave.
• Flatten leaves with a rolling pin and then cut the leaves to the wanted size.
• Heat the flat cabbage leaves in the microwave for less than a minute.

Note: Change the leaves every few hours or so at first and then do it every 4-5 hours.

Fresh cabbage leaves can also soak up pus from ingrown toenails and similar sore if you soak it up and draw it out. Read the following instructions for this application:

• Tie a few leaves in place or hold them with a large bandage.
• Leave the leaves on the affected area overnight in order to act.
• Change the leaves on a daily basis until the affected area heals.

Cabbage is amazing, and it proves that with its versatility, either alone or as a part of a mixture can do wonders to our health. For instance, one cabbage-related treatment for eczema includes a mixture of cabbage with dried bilberries, watercress and chamomile tea, applied directly to the skin. Cabbage is a healthy veggie with many surprisingly good preventative properties.

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