Soak Your Feet In Cold Water Every Night, What Happens Will Surprise You!

Our feet carry us around and support body weight when we stand.

Due to this function, we often develop foot pain which is often felt on our heels, soles, toes, arches or other parts within the foot area. In 2009, the University of Maryland Medical Center claims that almost 3 quarters of the American population have complained of feet pain in the course of their lives. Foot pain is common but usually not serious. Some simple home remedies for foot pain is really effective.


Professor and Doctor Sergei Bubnovski, the famous Russian Kinesitherapy specialist recommends a simple method for strengthening the immune system..

Every night when you get home after a hard working day, fill the bathtub with 5-7 inches of cold water.If you do not have water in the refrigerator, use a tap water and add a greater amount of ice and make it ice cold. Don’t add hot water by no means! Then enter with your feet in the tub and tap with your feet on top of the water for 15 seconds.

Then wipe your feet with rough Terrycloth and put on wool socks. Repeat this procedure every night without interruptions and soon you will significantly strengthen your immunity.

If you have caught a flu, it’s a great reason to get started with this method of strengthening thebody. In that case tap barefooted in icy water every 4 hours.

Do not worry that you will worsened your condition, on the contrary, this tempering of the body will strengthen your immunity, assures Dr.Sergei.




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