What She Spreads On Her Skin, Everyone Has at Home – But Nobody Uses It!

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide with billions of consumers every day.


However most people just straight wash their cup after drinking the coffee, throwing to waste the coffee ground at the bottom of the cup because we consider it useless.

Believe it or not, coffee ground can have many uses varying from health to household tips and tricks. After this article, we guarantee you’ll spare the coffee ground to use it for later because you’ll be amazed from all of the uses it has!

Here are 13 clever uses of coffee ground:

  • Cellulite Remedy

If you haven’t noticed, most commercial anti-cellulite products contain caffeine. This is because caffeine along with other ingredients does a great job of removing cellulite. Mix oil with coffee grounds and you’ll have your very own completely natural and cheap cellulite cream!

  • Soap

Coffee can provide the firming effects and can cause a peeling effect on the skin – therefore it is safe to assume that you can use it as a substitute for soap. It works wonders!

  • Hair

You might already know this but coffee grounds are rich in nutrients which energize your hair and make it radiant. Although it works most efficiently for dark hair, you can still give it a try and you’ll be amazed by the results!

  • Bags under eyes

Aside from helping you wake up, it also helps you get rid of the eye-bags. Combine olive oil and coffee ground to mask your fatigue and remove the bags under your eyes.

  • In the Fridge

The fridge usually smells bad due to the mixture of scents from different foods. However placing a cup of coffee grounds in the fridge will get rid of the bad odors and will keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.

  • Fertilizer

Coffee grounds can also be used as a natural fertilizer thanks to their richness in nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium – all which are essential for the growth of plants.

  • Cat Fright

Cats hate the smell of coffee. Spreading coffee grounds around your house will create a shield that will keep stray cats away!

  • Against Snails

Snails have a hard time standing the smell of coffee. Spread some coffee grounds on your soil you’re your beets will be well-protected since it will keep snails at bay.

  • Against Wasps

If you’re dealing with wasps, put coffee ground in a fire-safe jar and light it on fire with a match. A steam will be created which will expel all nearby wasps since they hate the smell of coffee.

  • Against Fleas

If your furry friend has fleas, massaging moist coffee grounds into the fur of the dog will eliminate the fleas and make your furry little friend smell pleasant.

  • Against Ants

Just as most pests, ants can’t stand the strong smell of coffee since it blurs their vision. Spread some coffee grounds on the areas where you notice ant activity and the next time you check the ants will be gone.

  • Abrasive

Coffee grains can work as chemical free cleaners for pots pans and almost any kind of surface. They are a cheaper option but they work just as efficient as commercial products.

  • Grill Rust

At last, coffee ground can efficiently clean a smelly and sticky barbecue. Put some coffee grounds on a sponge and rub the grill and rinse it with warm water afterwards. Your grill will be shining like a new one.

Source: www.justnaturallife.com

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