The Dirtiest Body Part: You Can Never Clean it Even if You Shower Twice a Day?

Do you want to know what is the dirtiest part of the human body?

It’s not where you think. No, it’s not the anus. While all sorts of nastiness are expelled regularly from your bottom, it is quickly and meticulously wiped away with paper designed specifically for the task. So I wouldn’t call the anus the most unsanitary body part.


If you have ever had the opportunity to observe a case in the operating room, you would know that the body part that gets the most derogatory comments for being unclean is in fact, the navel. The belly button receives all sorts of derision from the nurse who has to wash it before every abdominal procedure.

What’s so bad about the belly button?

The main issue is that for being such a prominent and easily accessible body part, people rarely seem to wash it with the same care they use for other areas of the body, like the axilla or groin. Particularly in overweight people, the navel can hide some pretty gross debris.

There is the lint that somehow gets trapped deep inside, never seeing the light of day and allowed to molder in the dark depths for years at a time. Then there are the dead skin, hair, and old sweat that accumulate in that little hole. It eventually turns into a brownish mud that must be washed out to prevent a surgical wound infection after a procedure. That stuff reeks to the high heavens and makes the nurse completely apoplectic.

How Can You Properly Clean Your Belly Button?

There are two different methods which can be equally effective.

Salt Water — Make a solution of a teaspoon of table salt and a cup of warm water. Using your finger or a washcloth, gently rub this solution around the inside of your belly button. After a short time, rinse the area with unsalted water and dry it gently. This method is particularly effective if you have noticed an unusual odor coming from your belly button.

Rubbing Alcohol — Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and gently swab rub inside of your belly button. Repeat this step until your belly button is clean, rinse the area with water, and dry it.

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