The Swedish Diet Is Taking The World By Storm! Guaranteed To Lose 10 Pounds In 1 Week

Imagine losing weight while enjoying foods like steak, butter, cheese and mixed nuts.

That’s exactly what the Swedish Diet promises. It might sound too good to be true, but the combination of essential vitamins and amino acids provided by the diet enhances the metabolism while suppressing the appetite. The Swedish Diet lets you eat as much as you want while the pounds melt off. How exactly does that work? Read on.


The Basics

The Swedish Diet focuses on protein and nourishing fats. Permitted foods include meat and fish, full-fat dairy, nuts and seeds, along with most vegetables, especially those that grow above ground. Foods to enjoy occasionally include dark chocolate, fruit, and vegetables such as carrots, beets, and celery. Sugar, grains, refined oils and most starches must be avoided. The Swedish Diet also encourages drinking plenty of green tea, a proven weight loss aid.

A high-protein diet is a major part of losing or maintaining weight. Protein takes more energy than carbohydrates to digest, so the body’s metabolism fires up to handle the extra work. The Swedish Diet lets you burn away those pounds even while you sleep!

The nuts and vegetables in the Swedish Diet provide a powerful punch of fiber, which is an essential part of any healthy diet. Although fiber is a carbohydrate, the body does not digest it, so it doesn’t lead to weight gain. Fiber fills you up and keeps you feeling more satisfied, and it also encourages healthy digestion. Don’t forget to balance out your fiber intake with plenty of water and green tea.

No Sugar
The real secret of the Swedish Diet is the lack of sugar. Sugar and carbohydrates are the greatest enemies of a lean, fit body. No matter how much you exercise, you can’t make up for the amount of sugar in the average diet. High amounts of added sugar lurk everywhere, even in foods you might assume are healthy. Pasta sauce? Granola? Frozen yogurt? They’re all potential sugar bombs that threaten to slow your metabolism and pack on the pounds. The Swedish Diet eliminates sugars and carbs, replacing them with fat and protein that will leave you satisfied and help you break the sugar habit.

Are you ready to try the Swedish Diet? Do you think it’s possible to lose weight while eating foods like meat and full-fat dairy?Share your thoughts with us 🙂

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