The Woman Who Discovered The Elixir Of Youth: She Is 73 And Looks Like 30

Annette Larkins, a 73-year-old woman from Florida looks as youthful and vibrant as she is in her late 30s.

She has never taken any medicine and there isn’t any plastic on this all natural beauty-queen’s face and body.

She trusts nature and always treats her health problems naturally.

Elixir Of Youth

Annette grows many herbs, fruits and vegetables in her own garden and knows exactly what each of them can be used for.

People say that her 40 year old sons look like as if they are her brothers, and her husband looks as if he is her grandfather.

Larkins decided to go vegetarian in 1963, and now she is a vegan. She believes that vegan diet is actually her elixir of youth. Her diet consists of juices and salads.

She starts with her daily routine at 5am. In the mornings, Annette works in her garden and does her regular household activities, prepares healthy meals and in her free time she writes books and maintains her YouTube channel offering tips on how to live healthy.

Can you say that this woman is 73?

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