These 10 Foot Exercises Can Relieve Uncomfortable Back, Hip and Knee Pain in Minutes!

One of the most common health conditions is back pain, and almost all people experience it at one point in their lives. It is usually triggered by unusual body postures, improper sitting positions and injuries. That is why in this article we are going to present you ten exercises which are bound to help you eliminate these types of pains and provide a lasting relief.

1. Toe – Pressing

Start off by warming up your toes before exercising any part of your body. This will help improve blood flow in your feet and help you relax them.

2. Toe – Walking

Toe walking will help strengthen your muscles, ligaments and toes. Do this exercise twice a day.

3. Ankle – Circles

The ankle circles exercise will help relieve knee, ankle and hip pain but it will last for a short period of time. This pain is usually triggered by poor body posture when the upper body is not in the same line with the lower one.

4. Resistance – Band

Start off by sitting on the floor and straighten your legs in front of you, before wrapping one side of the exercise band around a chair and the other side on the top of your feet. Next, slide back until you feel the stretch and flex your food backwards, holding it for 5 reps and releasing before repeating the exercise for 10 repetitions.

5. Toe-Pencil-Grasp

This is an easy exercise, and all you have to do is take a pen or pencil with your toes and hold it for ten seconds. This improves your toes and can be performed everywhere.

6. Foot Massage

To massage your feet, move a tennis ball slowly around your right food by placing the ball under the second toe, before moving around 1-3 minutes and then do the same exercise with the other foot.

7. Stretching the Heel Tendons with the help of Your Knee

Face a wall while standing and place the right leg in front of you, bending the right knee a little. Next, start moving your hips toward the wall while keeping both of your heels steady on the ground. Hold it for 30 seconds before making a 30-minute pause. Repeat twice before changing the leg.

8. Toe Stretching

Sit in a chair with your left leg on your right thigh, and grab your toes with the right hand, before shaking them like you’re shaking hands with someone. Next, stretch your toes to the side for 10 seconds. Do this 3 times before changing foot.

9. Heels

While sitting on the ground, extend your right leg in front of you while keeping the other under your thigh. Once done, start bending forwards, grabbing your toes and making slow movements to press them in opposite directions. Hold the position for 30 seconds before repeating with the other leg.

10. Upward Stretching of the Legs and the Toes

Start off by lying down on your back and stretching your legs in front of you. Next, lift one leg in the air using a towel, straighten the knee and slowly pull the towel towards your head. Do not do this intensively to prevent injury. Hold the position for 30 seconds before repeating once again and switching legs.

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