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Recently conducted studies have shown that black cumin seed oil contains properties which are capable of inhibiting cancer cell activity, and is viewed as a potential cancer cure as a result of this. The properties of the oil have been shown efficient in slowing down the progression and even eliminating liver, breast, cervical, stomach, colon, prostate and pancreatic cancer. But despite this, modern medicine hasn’t recognized it officially, as there are still studies to be conducted.

Black Cumin seed oil protects against radiation

A Turkish study conducted back in 2014 has revealed that the oil has the power to help people undergoing radiation therapy against cancer recovery. The study was conducted on rats, which had been exposed to gamma radiation and divided into two groups. The first group was fed about a gram of the oil, one hour before the radiation, and received 10 grams more in the next 10 days. The other group was given a saline solution. The study showed that the oil reduced oxidative stress markers and has potent antioxidant effects, while increasing the oxidative capacity of the liver tissues.

Black seeds oil inhibits uncontrolled cell growth and kills liver cancer cells

A study conducted in India back in 2013 examined the effects of thymoquinone in 2 groups of rats, with the first group receiving 0.01% of thymoquinone water and the other one receiving plain water for drinking. The results showed that in just 16 weeks, the liver cancer nodules, tumor markers and injury markers were decreased by a huge percent in the first group, and the rats did not develop new cancer nodules as well.

Black cumin seed oil kills lung cancer cells

Back in 2014, Saudi Arabian scientists have come forward with a statement that black seeds have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times, thanks to their potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, so to confirm this, they conducted a study which examined the effects of the cumin extract on human lung cells in a lab. It has been discovered that the cancer cells which were exposed to 0.01 mg/ml of the oil, and 1mg/ml of the extract had been significantly decreased.

Black cumin seed compounds kill brain cancer cells

A study conducted by the Ohio State University back in 2013 suggested that glioblastoma is the most aggressive kind of brain tumor that can affect humans. The scientists have revealed that there is a need for additional therapies for the treatment of this tumor, so the study focused solely on thymoquinone and its potent anti-cancer properties that have been found to target the cancer cells specifically, leaving the healthy ones unaffected.


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