This Homemade Ointment Will Remove Your Cellulite After Only 7 Days Of Use!

Easy to make, this cream is far more efficient than the purchasing products.

This homemade anti cellulite cream will show the first results only after 7 days of use.

This cream is an ideal tool in the fight against the “orange peel” and it is also effective in the fight against stretch marks.

Homemade Ointment Will Remove Your Cellulite

Homemade Anti – Cellulite Cream Recipe


  • 100 ml of any baby cream
  • 5-6 Mumiyo pills
  • 20 drops of orange essential oil
  • 3-5 drops of cinnamon essential oil

This cream has an ideal composition of fat and moisture.

Mumiyo pills are effective not only in the struggle with cellulite, but also for stretch marks. They tighten the skin and increase its elasticity, making it soft and silky.

Essential citrus oils are very effective in the fight against cellulite. The useful substances of the citrus oils will tighten and nourish your skin.  You can make your own choice which oil to use: orange, lemon or lime.

Cinnamon oil is not only aromatic, but it is also very effective in the fight against the cellulite. Combined with citrus oils, this oil gives excellent results.


  • Put 100 gr of baby cream in a jar (not less than 150 ml).
  • Add 5-6 finely powdered Mumiyo tablets and stir. Keep the Mumiyo tablets in the fridge, because that way it will be easier to grind them into powder.
  • Add 20 drops of orange (or any other citrus oil) and not more than 5 drops of cinnamon oil.
  • Mix all the ingredients well, cover them and let them stay for about 8 to 10 hours.
  • After that, stir the mixture again. Finally your anti-cellulite cream is ready for use. Do not forget to close the jar after each use.

For finest results, it is necessary to rub the cream on the problematic area of the body every day. You should expect the first results after only 7 days.

The amount of this cream is sufficient for 3 weeks. After that, make another one.

After applying the cream wait until your skin has absorbed all the cream and then put on your pajamas or nightgown (if you apply the cream before going to bed).

NOTE: Dark spots from the Mumiyo tablets can appear on your skin, but they can be washed easily.

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