This is What We Actually Eat, They Color The Food With Chemicals in Order to Look Fresh! (Video)

Fresh food sold in supermarkets – such as fruit, vegetables, and meat – isn’t always as fresh as you might think.

Technological advances mean the lamb chops that look so succulent could have been butchered four months ago, and those shiny red apples might have been in storage for more than a year.

We often hear about coloring fruits and vegetables to look fresh, and we subconsciously hope that all these stories weren’t true, but…


A shocking video on YouTube reveals the truth about coloring vegetables, peas, in particular, and the way a red chemical is injected in the watermelon, to make its color intensely red in order to lure customers with its appearance.

The chemical that is shown in the video, erythrosine B, is commonly used in desserts like some candy and gels to decorate cakes. It is also used for the color of pistachio shells and is full of additives (E127).

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