This Man Is 179 Years Old: “ Maybe The Angel Of Death Forgot All About Me”! (VIDEO)

BENARES: Mahashta Murasi from the holy city of Benares, one of the oldest city in the world holds the 179-year-old man alive till this day.

This gentleman says he was born in 1835 (i.e., before the American Civil War was fought and before India’s first battle of independence in 1857).


While there sure is a record of Murasi having been living in Benares since 1903. He complains that “death has forgotten me”, he is left with no family or friends. He was a cobbler until 1957  if it’s to be believed, he was 122 years old then. Is it some secret potion like that of Immortals of Meluha or just a hoax?

Medical mystery or hoax? We’d have to think why didn’t this news surface before? Apparently, Murasi’s identity cards & documents rely on confirmation of his story.

India, “the grandmother of legend and the cradle of human civilization” (Mark Twain), throws another stupefying nugget our way?

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