28 Year Old Mother Died Due To Uterus Cancer – These Are The Symptoms She Ignored

Hopefully, this story of a young mother who lost her fight against uterus cancer, will warn you NEVER TO IGNORE POTENTIAL WARNINGS, and go to your doctor!

Amanda Booth a 28 year mother of three children died of cancer because she was too afraid to make a cervix test which could diagnose the cancer at its early stage.

She went to see a doctor after she noticed unexpected bleeding, but it was already too late, the disease has wrecked her body.


Amanda tried to fight the cancer with chemotherapy but the disease has spread too much and unfortunately she lost the battle.

After being told her fate, Amanda spent her final days encouraging other women to go to their smear test appointment regularly.

She told her local paper: ‘I would say to all women “go and get your smear tests done”. I wish I had’.

Visit your doctor immediately if you notice any of the symptoms listed below:

  • Vaginal discharge with bad smell
  • Vaginal pain during sex
  • Bleeding between menstrual periods
  • Pain in the lower belly, pelvis or during urination

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