Twin Babies Caught On MRI Scan Fighting In Their Mother`s Womb! Amazing! VIDEO


While having any kin is such a gift, there’s truly nothing that can contrast with experiencing existence with a twin. There’s truly no closer bond and it’s undeniable from the minute they are conceived.

This video is a part of a London medical study, which is showing how twins are trying to get space for themselves.

The pictures were captured while researchers were trying to examine a rare medical condition, potentially lethal among twins in the name of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. It has further been claimed that the syndrome occurs in identical twins, as blood moves from one to another. If researchers at London’s Center for Fetal Care are to be believed, this condition can be life-threatening for them as it can cause stroke or hemorrhage in one or both of the twins’ brains.
Apparently, the video found the twins kicking each other so that they can get space as per their comfort inside their mother’s womb. “What this lets us do is see their positions in relation to each other and how much space they occupy, and how they might move around and push each other out of the way”, said Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke.




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