Two Daily Teaspoons of This Natural Ingredient Will Save Your Teeth!

Would you like to drastically improve your oral health and whiten your teeth?

You can do that in your own home with just one ingredient daily.

It makes sense right? Stay on this page and you’ll find out  the secret.

What would you say if I told you you could drastically improve your oral health and whiten your teeth by using just two teaspoons of a single ingredient each day?

Introducing Oil Pulling

This ingredient is unrefined cooking oil, such as coconut oil. The choice of oil is yours, because you are not going to eat it.

First, take two teaspoons and put them right in your mouth. Then swish your mouth with the oil inside ( like when you do after brushing your teeth) and simply spit the oil. It may not feel comfortable but that’s not the point.

This technique known as “oil pulling” has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Unlike many other antique remedies, this one will work for sure. Recently it has become so popular that is used by many health bloggers, vloggers and journals.

I’m sure you are asking yourself what does it do. It combats halitosis, gingivitis, eczema, acne and many more.

How it Works

The point in oil pulling is that swishing oil draws the bacteria out of your system through the pores in your gums.

This theory is not scientifically backed. Although there is no evidence that oils do this to our system, science does suggest that oil pulling works and removes the bacteria out of your system. Recently there was a study that said oil pulling did significantly remove bacteria as well as plaque.

Therefore, oil pulling actually can help you to remove bacteria out of your mouth very easily.
Moreover, seeing as flossing can reduce cancer rates by reducing the amount of bacteria that is contained in your immune system, and oil pulling can do the same!

Should You Do It?

A lot of people have better teeth and breath and they are very satisfied to have found this remedie. The recommendation is to swill for a full 20 minutes, so prefer not to do this every day. Floss thoroughly, brush regularly and the results will come by itself.

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