Unbelievably: We Boil Spaghetti In a Wrong Way Our Entire Life

Making pasta is one of the simplest things you can do in the kitchen.

It’s literally as easy as boiling water.


So when we heard about this video that claims to save us time and energy when making pasta, we were suspicious, because how can it get any easier to boil pasta?

Apparently, we’ve all been cooking pasta completely wrong. Well, technically the way we’ve all been doing it will still get the pasta cooked, but it’s costing us a lot more time and effort than necessary.

This video shows an interesting and different way to cook your spaghetti that requires only a frying pan – and far less water than you’d expect.

First you start with your pasta and cold water in a pan; then you just let the water boil, and soon enough you’ll have a good pan full of pasta.

This method saves time, energy, water, AND gives you thickened pasta water sauce at the end you can use in other cooking.

Using this method, you cook the pasta in cold water, which keeps the noodles from sticking together

Check out one of our favorite kitchen hacks for yourself below!

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