According to many new studies, butter along with coconut oil and olive oil were proven to be extremely healthy and beneficial for cooking almost all kinds of foods, unlike vegetable oils.


It was discovered by experts that the vegetable oils when used for cooking, release harmful chemicals and substances that lead to deadly diseases and illnesses such as cancer.

Experts conducted even more experiments in order to further research this matter, and the found out that the chemicals released when cooking with vegetable oil can be aldehydes or other toxic substances that lead to heart conditions, dementia, memory loss, cancer and mental illnesses.

Also, a study done by Professor Martin Drootveld has shown that snacks such as chips and foods like fish, when prepared with vegetable oil, get loaded in toxic aldehydes 200 times more than the allowed limit. On the other hand, olive oil, butter and coconut oil release less aldehyde.

Believe it or not, coconut oil has been proven to release the lowest possible amount of harmful chemicals, therefore making it the healthiest cooking oil and the most recommended one. But although it is healthy, you should still avoid consuming fried food.

According to a research by Dr. Stein from Oxford University, sunflower oils can cause changes in the human brain.

In addition, he said that NHS had proven that vegetable oils were the best option for cooking, and therefore, they avoided lard or butter.

On the contrary, Prof. Grootveld from Leicester De Montfort University doesn’t agree with the above-stated.

According to him, all of us were warned about the bad influence that the vegetable oils have on us and that the healthiest option for cooking is the butter. He added that the vegetable oil has been exposed to the very complex chemical reactions while in the process of production, leading to a pile of harmful chemicals. This is the major reason why the fried food is so bad for consumption. And, if you want to prevent unwanted illnesses and diseases, you need to avoid fried and processed food. When you buy fresh food, it’s better to bake it or to boil it, instead of frying it. If you like this article and you find it useful, please share it with your family and friends.

Source: www.healthylifebase.com

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