This Is Why You Should Stop Eating Tilapia Immediately

We are all advised by our doctors that eating fish would be the better option over bacon when it comes to our health. And the truth is, it really is … most of the time!

Fish is a low-fat, high-protein food that has a range of health benefits. However, given what we know of fish and its sources today, we may have to re-examine this statement.

Fish can either be one of the best foods for you or detrimental to your health depending on where it’s sourced. There is a world of difference between a fish that is caught in the wild vs. farm-bred or farm-raised fish. The most common farm-raised fish are: salmon, tilapia, catfish, “sea” bass and cod (the last two surprise a lot of people).

One of the reasons for the popularity of tilapia is that they are short-lived and primarily vegetarian and therefore, do not accumulate substantial amounts of mercury by consuming other fish, as other common predatory food fish (such as tuna) do.

This factor also means, as reported in a June 2013 National Geographic article, that tilapia are more efficient to farm because they eat lower on the food chain. Tilapia is easy to cook, and as it is boneless and skinless, numerous people really enjoy in its consumption.

However, its consumption is at times a seriously problematic issue. Namely, the majority of the Tilapia is not grown in natural conditions but is cultivated in factory farms instead.

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In opposite to Wild Tilapia which eats algae and plants, the tilapia we buy in stores comes from factory farms, where it consumes different kinds of feeds and fertilizers.

One of the issues with tilapia farmed in China is that smaller, independent farmers face economic pressures to use animal manure rather than more expensive commercial feed for farmed fish, a practice which contaminates water and makes the fish more susceptible to spreading food-borne diseases.

A July 2009 report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the safety of food imports from China noted that in that country “Fish are often raised in ponds where they feed on waste from poultry and livestock”.

Additionally, fish farms can use a whole lot of chemicals to keep Tilapia alive and breed them.  These same harmful substances can end up in your body when you consume this fish. Farm bred fish do not provide the required nutrients one normally gets from eating fish.

Consequently, the consumption of farm- bred tilapia can cause numerous harmful effects to the body, like asthma, coronary disease, and joint inflammation.

Tilapia has been found to be even more disastrous for your health than some of the more notorious meats like beef and pork.

Additionally, farmed fish contain cancer causing, agents as fish found in the wild. Plus, chicken poop is one of the primary ingredients in ranch fish feed. Do you really want to eat chicken sh*t in your fish? Because if you buy it in the store, you basically are.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your good health and avoid potential detrimental effects, LEAVE THE TILAPIA ON THE STORE SHELF!




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