Which Haircut Best Fits Your Face and What Your Face Shape Says About You?

While many of us might have tried to determine our face shape for beauty reasons, it is revealed that face shapes tend to go beyond skin deep in offering insight into your basic personality, approach and outlook on life. 
Face-reading experts believe the shape of your face can reveal basic personality traits and determine your overall approach to life.


‘Your face is saying something,’ expert Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom Of Your Face, told Cosmopolitan. ‘You’re born with with features you have for a reason. The face is a map of your personality as well as your whole life.’

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror to see what messages you’ve unknowingly been giving off to those around you?

Read on and find out the possible meanings behind some of the face shapes below.

  • Straight hair – SQUARE FACE SHAPE

If you have a square face, the sides of your face will be straight and your face will be nearly as wide as it is long.  Your jaw line is defined, with only a minimal curve. People with square faces tend to possess a sharp wit and analytical mind.  It typically refers to someone who is really gung-ho and into taking on huge projects because they have so much stamina.

  • Straight hair – HEART FACE SHAPE

A person with a heart-shaped face will have a long and pointed jaw line, with the chin being the smallest point of their face.  These people have incredible inner strength but can also be stubborn because they are so strong-minded. Other common personality traits include being ‘pushy’, having ‘a strong intuition’, and being ‘very creative’.

  • Wavy or curly hair – RECTANGLE FACE SHAPE

People with this face shape value logic and are really good thinkers. The shape of their face is squared off at the forehead and chin. Person who has this type of face likes to be in control, and everything they touch seems to sparkle. They are very detail-oriented and because of that, they produce quality work.

  • Straight hair – ROUNDED FACE SHAPE:

A round face shape is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. This face shape typically means you’re a people person who is very giving and kind, and always puts people first. The downside to this is that you can tend to put people first too much and then you don’t get what you need from the relationship. .

  • Straight hair – OVAL FACE SHAPE:

This face shape expresses a balanced character, sweet, charming even, in which case those individuals are often best diplomats, but also able to duplicate. Women with this face shape are often best artists. Sometimes they can be dangerous, but weaker in physical strength, sometimes underactive.

  • Wavy or curly hair – LONG FACE SHAPE

Signals some variety; they tend to dominate but with less force, often they get their way in politics, business, sports, being always balanced, sometimes ambitious, sometimes melancholic.

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