Why Drinking Water on Empty Stomach Every Morning is the Healthiest Thing You Can Do

After waking up, people in Japan, in general drink water on an empty stomach. As soon as we explain to you why they do so and if we show the great number of benefits that this practice has, you will start practicing too.drink-water-on-an-empty-stomach

Drinking water on an empty belly fights against the below mentioned diseases and illnesses:

– acceleration of the heart beat,
– epilepsy,
– any kind of headache,
– bronchitis,
– asthma,
– meningitis,
– gastritis,
– constipation,
– diarrhea and vomiting,
– menstrual disorder and uterus’diseases, and etc.

Method of drinking:

– When you wake up, the first thing that you will do is not brushing your teeth, but drinking 160 ml water 4 times instead, and in the following 45 minutes it is prohibited to eat or drink anything else.
You may take your breakfast after 45 minutes, and after each meal, do not eat anything for the next 120 minutes.

If you are old, sick or incapable to drink 640 ml instantly, start by drinking as much as you can, and increase the dose of water each day until you reach 640 ml.

If you ask yourself how many days you should practice this treatment, the answer depends on the disease you want to treat: for example, if you want to treat gastritis, you should practice the method for 10 days.

For the rest of the diseases, see the chart below:

For TB: 90 days of practicing

For Diabetes: 30 days of practicing

For high blood pressure: 30 days of practicing

For Constipation: 10 days of practicing

However, in order to stay healthy, vital and full of energy, we ought to drink water on an empty stomach throughout the whole life.

Source : www.healthyfoodteam.com

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