Why It’s Important To Urinate After Sex

Enjoying pleasurable sex not only has to do with adopting new practices or changing the routine but also with your sexual health being optimal and is in perfect condition.

And something as simple as urinating right after of the sexual act, brings great benefits for you and your body, helping to fight infections that may endanger your physical well-being.


When having sex, microbes and bacteria in the genital area and rectum can enter and accumulate in the urethra, running the risk of producing a bladder or urinary infection. This has been shown to be one of the most common causes of urinary tract infections (UTI) in women.

In order to avoid this unpleasant condition, women are advised to urinate right after sex. This eliminates all the impurities from the urethra (the tube where urine passes) and avoids the bacteria from making its way to the bladder and even kidneys.

According to doctors, unlike men, female ejaculation does not happen in the urethra so the only way to discharge all those substances that are brought in during penetration, is through urination. So, never forget to urinate right after intercourse, preferably no later than 45 minutes after the penetration.

Also, use a condom, as the safest way to protect against infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Once you are aware of the importance to urinate after sex, remember that maintaining good personal hygiene just before and after sex is also key to halting urinary tract infections, protect your health and enjoy full comfort of your intimate encounters. For women prone to cystitis, in particular, the vaginal area should be washed with water and a little soap with a neutral pH after sex.

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