Your Hands Reveal Your Age! Here’s How To Stop That!

If you’re not taking care of your hands, you’re still spilling the beans on just how many candles will be burning on your next birthday cake.

Hands not only are susceptible to the first signs of aging, but very often age even faster than the face,” says Ellen Marmur, MD, chief of dermatological and cosmetic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. That’s because the skin on the back of the hand is much thinner than that on your face.

The end result, say experts, is wrinkly, crinkly crepe-like skin texture and the noticeable appearance of bulging veins, which also grow larger over time.


But you don’t have to throw up your hands and give in without a fight

Home Skin Care for Your Hands

If you’re like many women, your at-home hand care is limited to using dishwashing detergent with moisturizer and maybe a drugstore hand cream now and then. But with just a bit more effort, you can improve the appearance of your hands right now — and 20 years from now.

A couple of suggestions to keep in mind include:

Moisturize After Washing Hands

Apply lotion or another type of moisturizer to the hands after washing to hydrate after experiencing the drying effects of most commercial soap.


Protect your hands during cold weather or when washing the dishes by wearing gloves.

Petroleum Jelly

Fight dry hands with a coat of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, which is applied before going to bed.

Warm Milk

To soften hands, rest your hands in a bowl of heated milk for at least 30 minutes. The calcium and other components in the milk help keep hands healthy.


Offering the power of a natural fruit acid, strawberries can help you exfoliate and rejuvenate your hands. Start by mixing nine strawberries, two tablespoons olive oil, and one teaspoon of sea salt in a blender on high. Blend for two minutes. Massage the remedy into your hands for 10 minutes, and then rinse off. Pat dry.

Olive Oil

Rub olive oil into your hands to moisturize, which works wonders after repeated hand washing throughout the day.


Protect your hands by applying sunscreen before leaving the house.

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil

Add moisture and smoothness to hands by scrubbing with a mixture made out of two tablespoons of brown sugar and three tablespoons of olive oil.

Lemon and Sea Salt

Remove dead skin cells from your hands with a mixture of lemon and sea salt. Gently rub your skin with a toothbrush. Follow this remedy two times per week to enjoy softer hands.


BONUS TIP: If you scratch the top of your hands and see lines or wrinkles, it’s a sign that you need to exfoliate and moisturize





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